Sunday, March 4, 2018

Beach House Renovation Progress

These first few shots are from the day we did the inspection before we closed.  Original everything from 1983.  It was the original owners and they had not done a thing to it in over 35 years.  The carpet is a beautiful orange/gold and the linoleum in the kitchen is a lovely green paisley pattern.  It did have wonderful high ceilings with big beautiful beams that give it a nice cabin feel.  

 Loft area.  I didn't find any pictures of that space but it had the same beautiful carpet.  

 stairs to the daylight basement.

 Dinner at the pig n' pancake on the way home after the inspection.

 Just one example of the junk furniture they left behind.  

 This couch we could not give away.  After many attempts we finally dropped it off at the dump.


OK, here's some demo day pics.  Ammie and papa taking out some carpet.

 Addie pulling nails/staples from the underlayment.

 Kenny pulling staples from the stairs.

 Davis looking serious about his work

 one of the bedrooms that served as the dumping ground for all our stuff and the kitchen stuff the previous owners left.

 Chairs left behind.

 just the first of many pictures of my butt while working.  Can you guess who the camera person was?

 tearing out the closet and pantry.

 saturday dinner our first weekend at the house.

 sleeping fox.

 a break for a walk to the beach.  it's about a five minute walk from our house to the beach.

 original garage floor was sand.  so sucky to work through.  The first weekend we must have tracked at least a five gallon bucket worth of sand into the house.  

New garage floor!

 random spot for a water shutoff valve.  

homemade crawl space access to the plumbing for downstairs bathroom.

need new steps papa!

 you can see the outline of the closet and pantry we tore out.  Opened things up a bit. 

 the source of the mildew smell in the basement...

 Kitchen cabinets are gone! 

 kite flying

 very windy day at the beach.  All that sand was blowing about a foot off the ground...right in preston's face.

 stopped for dinner at Mo's on the way home after the first demo weekend.

 Got a new driveway made out of crushed rock.  It used to be just mud and sand.  

 tearing out rotten subfloor in the loft. 

 linoleum is gone!

 ice cream treat at scoopers.  

 addie taking off outlet plates.

 wrestle break

 nailing down new underlayment in the kitchen

 papa supervising

 paint crew!

tearing out the platform the old stove sat on. 

taping for paint 


scoopers again! 

beautiful sunset looking over the mouth of the columbia.


sidnee got these chairs from an estate sale and then reconditioned them

Davis' slide dropped out of the van when we stopped to look at the sunset the weekend before and we stop at the same park to have a look around a week later and it was sitting in the exact spot where we had parked.  It was a slide miracle.   

prepped and ready for new flooring

plotting out the design and pattern.  papa supervising...again

Ammie playing games on her phone.

Finished product

replacing outlets in the loft with my apprentice addie.

preston all cozy

laundry room rehab time

new garage steps.  nice work papa.  this time he was inspecting work he had actually done. ;)

preston supervising the transport of the couch.

Papa and preston passed out after a long days work

 starting to look like a home we could live in

next up is carpet, more paint, kitchen cabinet install, new appliance install, some new windows, and a ton more.  hoping to have it habitable for the allens in mid-march.  fingers crossed.